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Welcome to Whole Food Nutrition! I’ll be sharing my thoughts, inspiration, information, and news about the benefits of adopting a whole food plant based diet. If this is something that interests you, please join me! I hope to share a few recipes along the way, too. Please see below for a description of my services. Bon appétit!

(Seniors over 62 receive a 10% discount on everything except the cooking class)

30 minute free consultation

During this free half-hour consultation, we will discuss the benefits of a nutrient-dense, whole food plant-based diet and how it can help you achieve superior health. You can then decide whether or not it would be right for you. If you choose to schedule the 90 minute initial assessment session, I’ll provide you with the following:

  • Client Assessment Questionnaire
  • Food Record forms
  • A Medical Release form if you are currently seeing a physician for a medical condition
  • A Nutrition Consultation Agreement form

90 minute Initial Assessment session        $120.00

During the initial assessment session, I will review the Client Assessment Questionnaire previously provided to you during the free half-hour consultation session, and discuss your personal short-term and long-term goals. I’ll help you to identify reasonable, achievable goals based upon your individual nutritional needs and lifestyle. Together we’ll go over your food records to determine where the greatest areas of improvement are which would allow you to achieve the best results.

We’ll also identify challenges and obstacles you may face and strategies to overcome them. Then we’ll look at foods which might help you to reach your goals, as well as some that you may want to avoid.

I will provide you with a few sample nutrient-dense, whole food plant-based recipes, some educational materials, and a basic meal plan to try for one week.

If you choose to, we can schedule a 30-minute follow-up meeting at your convenience, or you may decide that opting for one of the packages or services listed below may best benefit you. It’s totally up to you!

Follow-up sessions (30 minutes)  $40.00

Personalized Nutrition Plan  $115.00

  • Detailed customized food/nutrition plan with two weeks of menus and recipes
  • Modest exercise plan

One month Total Immersion  $700.00

($580.00 if you’ve already had the 90-minute Initial Assessment)

  • 90 minute Initial Assessment
  • Detailed customized food/nutrition plan with four weeks of menus and recipes and modest exercise plan
  • 2 hours of phone support
  • 60 minutes follow-up (two 30-minute sessions)
  • 60 minute Shopping Safari at a store local to Arlington (within 10 miles)
  • 60 minute Food Prep Instruction at my home
  • 30 minutes of email support
  • Free cookbook

One month Budget Plan  $435.00

($315.00 if you’ve already had the 90-minute Initial Assessment)

  • 90 minute Initial Assessment
  • Detailed customized food/nutrition plan with two weeks of menus and recipes and modest exercise plan
  • 60 minutes phone support
  • 60 minutes follow-up (two 30-minute sessions)
  • 30 minutes of email support

1 hour Kitchen Cleanse  $80.00

Let me help you purge your kitchen of the enemies to your health! I can help you identify foods and the ingredients within them that pose the biggest obstacles to your nutrition and health goals.

1 hour Shopping Safari at a grocery store local to Arlington  $80.00

Learn how to safely navigate the grocery store jungle of confusing and misleading nutrition labels and how to choose the best whole and minimally processed plant-based foods to support and sustain your long-term goals, and to fit your budget. This is a great addition to the Kitchen Cleanse.

2 hour Kitchen Organization  $150.00

Using my excellent organizational skills and “5-S” principles, I can organize your kitchen to help you get the most out of your space, and teach you how to rotate foods so that you use your groceries efficiently.

Kitchen Perfection  $279.00

Save 10% by combining the Kitchen Cleanse, Shopping Safari, and Kitchen Organization to really jump start your goals!

1 hour Food Prep Instruction at my home  $80.00

Learn new techniques for the healthy cooking and preparation of nutrient-dense whole plant-based foods. Discover new and exciting spices and herbs, and delicious, affordable alternatives to dairy and meat.

2 hour Cooking Class at my home (includes food and recipes)  $150.00

Invite some friends to come along and share the cost! I’ll explain the benefits of whole food plant-based eating, and demonstrate 2-3 recipes that will make your mouths water. If there are 4 or more attendees, we’ll have a raffle for a cookbook and 50% off of one of my a la carte services such as the Kitchen Cleanse or the Shopping Safari!