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Thank you for your interest in consulting with me. I am currently certified by the American Fitness Professionals and Associates (AFPA) as a Holistic Nutrition Consultant. (I am not a dietitian or a nutritionist.) The way I can best serve you is to educate, guide, coach, and mentor you on your path to better health through superior nutrition with a “nutrient dense,” whole-food plant based (WFPB) diet. For any who might also be working with a nutritionist or a dietitian, I can help you, too, by introducing and teaching new ways of cooking, shopping, and choosing delicious foods and recipes that will implement your nutrition plan, support your goals, and keep you on the road toward achieving them. Specifically, I can:

  • Counsel you on basic rules of good holistic nutrition, healthy wholesome eating habits, and nutrition monitoring to improve your quality of life.
  • Assess optimal nutritional needs for you; assess your diet restrictions and current health plans; develop and implement personal nutritional plans and provide personal nutritional counseling.
  • Advise you about nutritional principles, food plans and diet modifications, as well as food selection and preparation.
  • Organize, develop, analyze, and prepare optimal meal plans such as low-fat, low-cholesterol, plant-based and chemical-free meals, depending on your personal nutritional needs.
  • Advise you about habits for consciously eating healthy foods that promote vibrant physical and mental health, while supporting a strong immune system and preventing disease.
  • Advise you about buying organic foods, taking supplements, and other nutritional considerations.

A nutrient dense WFPB diet can quickly begin to transform the way you feel and look in the following ways:

  • Weight loss is often effortless because nutrient dense whole food fuels your body in the way it was designed to do and excess fat melts away without counting calories.
  • Your immune system will be supported properly so you will likely find that you experience far fewer colds and other seasonal ailments.
  • Your energy level will start to improve, too, so you’ll become more active.
  • Cholesterol and blood pressure will normalize.
  • In addition to all of these benefits, a WFPB diet has been proven to be extremely protective against many types of cancers such as breast cancer and prostate cancer.

If you have a health condition that is being managed through a health care provider, it is very important that you work closely with him or her as your diet changes for the better. Some conditions, such as high blood pressure and diabetes, often improve very rapidly so it is critical to closely monitor any medications being taken so the doses can be adjusted accordingly. I have no products to sell, and there are no gimmicks. All you would be charged for is my time and expertise. I am currently accepting new clients in the Snohomish and Skagit County areas of Washington State. If you are interested in learning more, please contact me for a free half-hour of consultation to see if this could be right for you. All consultations and sessions are completely confidential.