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Daily dose of food for thought: Iron

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Daily dose of food for thought: Iron. We all need it, and if you’re a woman of child-bearing age, you need more than the rest of us. But did you know that our bodies, wonderfully made that they are, have the ability to perfectly regulate the amount of iron it absorbs at any given time depending on what it needs? However, that only works with non-heme iron, iron that comes from plants. So if we eat broccoli, for instance, our body will only take the amount of iron that it needs. If we are low, we absorb more. Not so with heme iron, though. That’s the iron that comes from animals. Our bodies just keep absorbing all the heme (blood) iron that we eat, even if it’s too much for our needs. Too much iron in our system is being linked to memory problems and Alzheimer’s. All the iron that men, and women over 50, need is 8 milligrams per day. Women between 19-50 need 18 milligrams per day. And you can get all the iron you need from green leafy vegetables, beans, whole grains, and dried fruit.

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